Dane Terry


 1. Eagles
 2. Normal At Last
 3. Kids
 4. Fighter
 5. The Working Class
 6. Moonshiner's Boy
 7. House That Harry Built
 8.   Clown
 9. My Baby Don't Wanna Know
10. Volton Destroyer of Stars
11. Game Day

On this, his first “official” album following a string of CD-Rs, Terry explodes his craft in scope and meaning, jumping across genres with almost each and every track – ironic nods at the comforts of a regular life in the sitcom-esque “Normal At Last,” reminiscences of wild young love in the tender ballad “Kids,” piano bar melting-into-the-stool inspiration in “Clown” and “Game Day.” These are balanced against a number of strains of country/roots that occupy much of the center of Color Movies – “The Working Class” is like if the Mekons stopped laughing, “Moonshiner’s Boy” a papercut of bad-man noir, “My Baby Don’t Wanna Know” the sort of honky-tonk that must be fun to play – which seem to center on Terry’s Midwestern upbringing. There’s a sense of what he was born with and what he’s learned going across every song here, but two in particular stand out: a poignant tale of coming out to his family in “Fighter,” and a complex relationship with a wild force in “Voltron, Destroyer Of Stars” that might merit some unpacking in my next therapy session for how it left me feeling. Look – this guy is fucking incredible, as a songwriter, a lyricist, and a multi-instrumentalist. He could be the next Elton John, the next Mark Eitzel, the next Randy Newman, and he has the potential to best all three. How long is it gonna take for you and everybody else to get on board?


- Doug Mosurock, STILL SINGLE