Swarming Branch


 1. That Constant Country Thirst
 2. The Sistine Twist
 3. Pony, Ain't it Good to be Alive
 4. This Water Does Not Reach the River
 5. I Warn You
 6. The Pounce
 7. Holy Joeys
 8.   The New Age Succuba, Susie Jean
 9. Final Boss
10. Hanging Out With Party Phantasy

On Classic Glass, The Branch collects the best parts of the American tradition of rock n’ roll and the folk music it aspired to derail but nonetheless reiterated, producing an extravagant collage filled with unique characters with distinctly off-kilter perspectives.

Who better to support these elevated incantations than the cast of players assembled here? The drummer Gentleman All-Star Sean Leary has performed with Andrew Graham for sixteen years. From the initial resounding booms of “That Constant Country Thirst,” the Gentleman assuages any nervousness or displacement that may emerge from the exorcisms that Graham and keyboardist Dane Terry perform.  For its part,  Terry’s playing emphasizes the neuroses of our age - the extremes which compete within the singular.  On one hand, he is a brilliant technician and scientist, capable of masterful invention. On the other, an emotional, erratic, frightening, powerful beast. Together, this cast explodes onto the tape, full of poetry, full of spirit.

- Philip J. Kim