Swarming Branch


 1. Diamonds in the Distance
 2. Laid Back and Practical
 3. Zsazsur's Real Estate Song
 4. Initiation
 5. All I Wanna Do Pt. 22
 6. New Ways
 7. Land
 8.   In the Garden of the Gods
 9. No Time / It's Not Too Late
10. Love in Extra Innings

"There are traces of ’70s studio-pop, quirky psych a la Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tin Pan Alley, new wave, folk-rock, disco, lo-fi skuzz and so much more. And although Graham’s oblique lyrics and Dylanesque delivery remain Swarming Branch’s center of gravity, the passage of years and the band’s ever-shifting personnel ensure Surreal Number is a step out into the great unknown for band and listener alike."

- Chris Deville, Stereogum

Surreal Number was released in a limited edition for Swarming Branch's summer 2016 tour.  This edition is sold out.